Rebbe Shlomoh of Radomsk


Rebbe Shlomoh was one of the greatest of the Rebbes in Poland. He

was a talmid* of many of the great Rebbes who lived there like: Rebbe

Meir of Apt, Rebbe Yeshaya of Peshdeborz, and Rebbe Berish of

Radoshitz.  He not only was a Rebbe of thousands of Chasidim but even

after he became a Rebbe he continued to go to other Rebbes. Among

Tzanzer Chasidim they still tell of the Shevous when the Radomsker

came to Tzanz and led the prayers with his sweet voice.  His sefer

'Tepheres Shlomoh' is one of the most important and accepted

Chassidic works.  Up until the war the Radomsker Yeshiva 'Keser

Torah' was one of the largest yeshivos in Poland. His yortzheit* is

the 29th of Adar (March 8 and April 7 this year)




One time a rich man came to the Radomsker and wished to give him a

large sum of money. This particular man was well known for being

stingy with his money. The Tzaddik didn't want to accept the money

from him. When the rich man left the house of the Tzaddik they asked

the Tzaddik why he didn't take the money. The Tzaddik answered that

if they would have seen the joy on his face when he gave him back the

money they wouldn't ask him why he didn't want to take it. (p. 211

#213 sefer Sipurei Chasidim stories of Chassidic Rebbes.)


Zechisom Yugan Aleini v'Al Kol Yisroel

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